Thursday, June 21, 2012

What to do in Long Branch, New Jersey

Spending time in Long Branch, New Jersey the weekend of our wedding? 
Check out for restaurants, store directory, and local events.

We recommend:
*Turning Point for breakfast or lunch (there's something for everyone there)
*Stewart's Root Beer for an ice cream float
*Sawa Steakhouse & Sushi Bar for hibachi or sushi

Asbury Park is about 15 minutes away. You can visit for more information about this town!

Ocean Grove, NJ is also a very close town with a lot of character! Visit for a calendar of events, stores, and restaurants.    

Any questions, feel free to email us: and

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hotel Accommodations

Rooms have been reserved at the Ocean Place Resort & Spa in Long Branch, New Jersey for Friday, October 5th and Saturday, October 6th.
To make a reservation, call: 1-800-411-6493, press 2 for reservations, 3 for new and existing group reservations and reference the Miller/Zimmerman wedding to get a discounted rate. The hotel is located down the block from McLoone's Pier House, our wedding venue.
For more information about the hotel, visit

We also reserved a block of rooms at The Holiday Inn. This hotel is located just up the road from our wedding venue. To book a room log onto and enter group code MZW or call 732-542-1234.

For those staying at the Holiday Inn Express, there will be a 15-passenger shuttle making rounds beginning at 4:30 pm on October 6th to bring you to the venue.  The shuttle will also be available to bring you back after the reception. The last shuttle leaves McLoone's at 12:30am.  If you wish to drive, there is a parking lot nearby McLoone's.

You can also take a taxi to McLoone’s at Pier Village. The ride is approximately 15 minutes and costs around $10! Shore Taxi: 

If you have any questions let us know!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Meet the Wedding Party

Ken Tracey: Best Man, not yet confirmed
Growing up Tristan always wanted a big brother...and then he met Ken. Ken is like a fine wine, he gets better with age. Ken and Tristan plan on retiring in Las Vegas together and playing Bingo every day. Ashley (Tristan's sister, Ken's wife) and Margot are welcome to come too.

Rob Favuzza: Groomsman
Tristan met Rob 5-minutes after he moved into his freshman year dorm room in Rich Hall at Boston University. Due to Rob's thick Boston accent, Tristan thought Rob's name was actually "Robe" for the first day of their friendship.

Aaron Soffin: Groomsman
Tristan met Aaron on December 31st, 2000 at a New Year's Eve party. Aaron was dating Tristan's friend from High School. When Aaron and his ex-girlfriend split, Tristan kept Aaron in the breakup.

Ben Thompson: Groomsman
Ben hired Tristan for an internship at NBC News in Boston during the 2004 presidential election and 8-years later they are still friends. Ben and Tristan bond over mean games of shuffle board and talking about why Barack Obama is the best president in the history of the United States of America.

Adam Korniki: Groomsman
It's because of Adam that Tristan discovered his love of Buffalo, Buffalo wings and egg sandwiches with cream cheese. Adam dates Margot's sister Rachel and is the only other human being alive who knows what it's truly like to date a Miller Girl.

Rachel Miller: Maid of Honor
Margot's Florida-living-beach-loving-college-valedictorian sister with a passion for Peeps, s'mores, and smoothies. Rachel's hobbies include collecting funky tape measurers and iced coffee drinking. She had a childhood obsession with pigs.

Liz Lomax: Bridesmaid
Margot's favorite artist, turned mentor, turned landlord, turned unicorn-loving-vegan-hamburger-eating-tea-drinking-yoga-retreating BFF! Shared love of glitter, gel manicures and pop music- specifically Robyn and Justin Bieber.

Melissa "Pones" Pastore: Bridesmaid
Margot's partner in crime with a childhood ambition of becoming a My Little Pony. Friendship began over obsessively recording episodes of Gilmore Girls on VHS. Shared adoration for manicures, Oprah, shopping, Barbie dolls and all things sparkly.

Caitlin Montani: Bridesmaid
True friendship began over Margot not being able to lift her oversized luggage on the Amtrack heading up to Syracuse which caused Penn Station chaos and hours of extreme dirty looks from all other passengers. One night they ate a pound of pasta, and have yet to recover. That's a lot of pasta. Shared love of Anthropologie, manicures, wine, Oprah and leopard print everything.

Taylor Meredith (aka Sloaney Mahoney): Bridesmaid
Best friends with Margot to this day because in 2005 they had a matching pair of flip flops. Memories include waiting on numerous Barnes & Noble lines at midnight for copies of Harry Potter books, being stuck in a homeless shelter (or train station, honestly not sure which) in Bologna, Italy overnight, and watching Adventures In Babysitting on repeat for 5 months straight. Also share a love of Oprah, manicures, wine and spaghetti pomodoro.

Kate Spinelli: Bridesmaid
Margot's cousin who is like a big-sister-in-her-head. Taught her the fine art of playing Sonic the Hedgehog and has always had a passion for fashion. Was Margot's permanent lunch date for 4 summers of law-firm interning. Currently a Florida resident, Kate is a lawyer who is available for consultation at the reception.

Ashley Tracey: Bridesmaid
Tristan's older sister who once spent an 8 hour ride to Maine in the back seat of a car with Margot, where they did not stop talking the entire way. She was also part of a one night wine-fest that ended up as a trip to Vegas. She's due with her first child at the end of July. Ashley and Margot share a deep appreciation for manicures and Glee.

Chloe Baxendale: Flowergirl (Chloe on the left, Lily on the Right)
Chloe is in love with Tristan, and it's quite possible that she publicly objects to the marriage of Margot & Tristan in hopes of keeping him as her own. Chloe is one of Margot's beloved fairygodbabies, daughter of good friends Nikki & Mark. She has the world's sweetest smile.

Lily Baxendale: Flowergirl (Lily towards front, Chloe towards back)
Lily is 3, going on 13. Known to friends and family as Lily Pickles, she is also Margot's fairygodbaby, daughter of Nikki & Mark. Lily and Margot share a love of all things pink and sparkly.

Ava Wexler: Flowergirl
Ava is currently the youngest Wexler member, but not for much longer! She has a little sister on the way. Daughter of Margot's cousin Philip and his wife Teresa, Ava is one cute little cupcake.

Hudson Baxendale: Ring Bearer
Superhero-in-training-hot-dog-loving-choo-choo-watching Hudson is big brother to Chloe & Lily, son of Nikki & Mark. As a baby, Margot used to put him in his bathing suit, in the sink and let him splash water everywhere. They've also enjoyed many many playground dates.

Charlie Wexler: Ring Bearer
Margot babysat Charlie one time, before he was 2, and let him snack on pretzels. To this day, he remembers that evening. The child is a genius and in Margot's opinion, the next Justin Bieber. Son of Philip and Teresa, big brother to Ava.

Baby Tracey: Flowergirl
Baby Tracey is due at the end of July. As Tristan & Margot's first niece, her first role is that of a flower girl at their wedding.